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Top health official resigns over Italy’s “antiscientific” stance








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The head of Italy’s national health technology body has resigned, accusing the government of ignoring scientific evidence on vaccines and sinking to the type of populist policy that has marked the government of Donald Trump in the US.

Walter Ricciardi, president of the National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanita), said that the antivaccine stance of the League and Five Star Movement coalition and its “unfounded” claims that immigrants spread diseases had made his position at the institute untenable.

In an interview with the national daily newspaper Corriere della Sera Ricciardi said that “representatives of the government have endorsed unscientific or frankly antiscientific positions on many issues.” His most pointed criticism was aimed at the far right minister of the interior, Matteo Salvini, who is also the deputy prime minister.

“It’s clear that when the deputy prime minister says that for him, as a father, there are too many vaccines, and that they are useless and dangerous, this is not just an unscientific approach; it’s antiscientific,” Ricciardi said.

The coalition government has tied itself in knots over plans to reverse, then not reverse, then partly reverse the 2017 Lorenzin law that made 10 preschool vaccinations obligatory.1 Confusion currently reigns, and Italy now accounts for roughly a third of all measles cases reported by countries in the European Economic Area.

Coverage of the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine in Italy fell from 90.5% in 2010 to 87.2% in 2016,2 though there was some evidence of a rise in uptake (of 2.9%) in some regions while the Lorenzin law was enforced.3

Last month the coalition government outraged Italy’s medical and scientific community by dismissing all 30 experts who served as health policy advisers to the government on subjects including vaccination.4

Ricciardi, an internationally recognised expert on vaccination, drew parallels between Italy’s current leadership and Donald Trump in terms of its sceptical attitude towards science. “All this reminds me of Donald Trump’s recommendation that the US National Institutes of Health no longer use the term ‘evidence based,’” Ricciardi said. “It’s an approach taken by populists, who have great difficulty in interacting with science.” In December 2017 the Washington Post reported that the Trump administration had told the NIH’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that a of collection phrases, including “evidence based,” “science based,” and “transgender,” were inappropriate for use in budget reports.5

Ricciardi also claimed that Italy’s government was playing politics with public health by pressuring health officials to adopt policies favourable to antimigrant views. “To say repeatedly that migrants carry diseases is groundless and . . . has produced a form of self censorship in order not to contradict the political line,” he said.

The government has not yet commented on Ricciardi’s remarks.

Ricciardi himself has been the subject of some controversy. Last month Italy’s leading consumer group Codacons claimed that he had failed to be transparent about financial links with vaccine manufacturers.6 Codacons said it was asking Italy’s National Anti-Corruption Authority to investigate the links.

Ricciardi told The BMJ that he had “always declared scientific positions held in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, in line with the national and international norms.” He denied that his departure from the National Institute of Health was related to the row.
意大利国家卫生技术机构负责人辞职,他指责政府忽视疫苗的科学证据,陷入唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)在美国政府的民粹主义政策。
国家卫生研究院院长沃尔特•里恰尔迪(Walter Ricciardi)表示,联盟和五星运动联盟(Five Star Movement)的反疫苗立场及其“毫无根据”的说法,即移民会传播疾病,使他在研究所的职位难以为继。
在接受国家日报《晚邮报》(Corriere della Sera)采访时,里恰尔迪表示,“政府的代表在许多问题上支持不科学或坦率地说反对科学的立场。”他最尖锐的批评针对的是极右翼内政部长、副总理马泰奥·萨尔维尼(Matteo Salvini)。
联合政府一直在计划逆转2017年的《洛伦津法》(Lorenzin law),该法律规定必须接种10种学龄前儿童疫苗。目前局面严重混乱,意大利的麻疹病例约占欧洲经济区国家报告的所有麻疹病例的三分之一。

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